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Welcome to “Tell a Friend About Tears of Rage” day!

Four great epic fantasy books, 400,000 words of fiction, for about the same prices as a specialty drink at Starbucks.

The first book in the Tears of Rage sequence opens with the Blind Prophet, declaring the main character, Julianna, “..will be blessed thrice by seven, seven by thrice.” Being March 21st, or 3/21, I figured this would be a great excuse for some shameless self-promotion. Since I’m one of those lowly self-published writers, the biggest way for my books to gain exposure is through word of mouth of my readers, so I created this arbitrary event of  “Tell a Friend About Tears of Rage” day. So please, if you’ve enjoyed Tears of Rage, tell a friend, or two…or a dozen. The more the merrier.


For this special day, I’m putting all the Tears of Rage books on sale across all eReader platforms.

The first three books in the series are only $.99 and book four is $2.99, down from $5.99. That’s for TODAY only So, not only is this the perfect day to tell your friends, it’s a great day to catch up on the series if you’re a book or two behind. (Disclaimer: Some retailers are faster to update their prices than others. Looking right at you KOBO.)

FIRST CHOSEN: Amazon US – Amazon UK – Amazon CA – Smashwords – Barnes and Noble – Kobo – iTunes
ONCE WE WERE LIKE WOLVES: Amazon US – Amazon UK – Amazon CA
Smashwords – Barnes and Noble – Kobo – iTunes
ARMS OF THE STORMAmazon US – Amazon UK – Amazon CA
Smashwords – Barnes and Noble – Kobo – iTunes
JUDGE OF DOOMSAmazon US – Amazon UK – Amazon CA
Smashwords – Barnes and Noble – Kobo

Jaludin's RoadWhile “Jaludin’s Road” doesn’t take place in the Tears of Rage sequence, it does take place in the same world, though on a continent to the south. You can get it free on Smashwords.

Also: On a completely spur of the moment whim, post a comment below, I’ll take any/all comments made by 11:59pm Pacific Time and stick them in at www.randomizer.org, and send the winner a complete set of the first four Tears of Rage books.


11 thoughts on “3×7…7×3

  1. i’d love a set of physical books, they’re MUCH easier to give to someone to tell them to read them!

  2. I love what I have read of the series so far. I bought them for my Kindle and it had an accident, so I haven’t finished them yet. If I had the paper books, I could finish them.

    1. @WoodlandWhimsey: Happy you’re enjoying them. Sad you’ve had a roadblock with your broken Kindle. Has the warranty expired?

    1. @Krista: Way cool. How many times have you read them? How well do they hold up to a re-read?

  3. Those ebooks are sitting in the TBR pile but like it was said above sharing is easier with physicals! Also. That short story was fantastic. Loved it!

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