The New DEAD WEIGHT Covers

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For those of you who missed the cover reveal party over on Facebook,
here are the new DEAD WEIGHT covers!


DWTombsThe Faerie War is over. Did we win?

This is the first installment of the serialized novel DEAD WEIGHT, set within the world of THE FAERIE WAR.

In “The Tombs,” a former military bard, Boy Scout wallows in grief and self-pity in post-war San Francisco. He wants nothing more than to numb his mind and escape from the memories and stories that plague him from his time serving in the U.S. Marines during the war.

However, conflict is brewing once again. Forces from Earth and Faerie seek to use Boy Scout’s talents for their own purposes. Will he dance the same old dance, or can he cut the strings both worlds tied to him?

“DEAD WEIGHT: The Tombs … is a fast-paced, non-linear novella that keeps the pages turning. Gallowglas effortlessly intermixes apocalyptic urban fantasy with noir elements and surprisingly believable characters. Can’t wait to see what comes next.” – Jennifer Brozek, The Karen Wilson Chronicles, editor of: Shattered Shields



Can you justify doing bad things for the right reason?DWPaladin

This is the second installment of the serialized novel DEAD WEIGHT, set within the world of THE FAERIE WAR.

 Cendrine South is on the run. Oberon, the King of Faerie, has tasked his agents with capturing the half-faerie renegade. For what purpose, Cendrine does not know…she only knows she doesn’t want to find out. She knows that powers that be from both Earth and Faerie have secret agendas, and all of this has something to do with the battered journal she’s inherited. It holds secrets from during and before the war, secrets that just might stop hostilities from erupting again.

 And what of Boy Scout’s friend, Tommy? It seems he didn’t die all those years ago. What part does he play the tale of two worlds at war?

 “DEAD WEIGHT… is stark, captivating and uncompromising. A masterwork of apocalyptic urban fantasy.” Christopher Kellen, Elements of Sorcery and The Arbiter Codex


DEAD WEIGHT: Search and Destroy

DWSearchandDestroyHow far will you go to chase your dreams?

This is the third installment of the serialized novel DEAD WEIGHT, set within the world of THE FAERIE WAR.

More than anything else, Violet wants to be a bard. On her sixteenth birthday, she decides to force her dreams to become a reality by looking into a certain keyhole painting on a certain tour, a painting known to touch mortals with faerie magic. Her choice opens up entirely new worlds to Violet, worlds she’s not certain she’s ready for.

And what of Boy Scout’s journal? We have already followed the tale of Roland the Bold. What other secrets are contained within? Follow the story of Lies, a war correspondent attached to a platoon of U.S. Marines as they patrol through Faerie. Will his chapter reveal as many secrets as Tommy’s?

“This is Malazan meets Harry Dresden. I found it the most original fusion of urban fantasy and Gaelic-infused myth that I’ve read in years.” Greg S Close, In Siege of Daylight


DEAD WEIGHT: Warrior Poet

DWWarriorPoetComing June 2015

What do you think? Which is your favorite?