Seeking Book Donations for the Weed Library

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UPDATED 9/24/2014: After hearing about wild fires in Northern California burning the library in Wee, CA to the ground, I started a book donation campaign on Sept. 22, 2014. Shortly after that, representatives of the CA Library Association, contacted me, thanked me for my initiative and efforts and asked me to postpone the book collection drive, as they have no where to store the books. I’ve been communicating with them further, and they’ve updated their needs. They are currently looking for a temporary location. In the mean time, they are looking for book donations (fiction paperbacks in good condition for adults, and a wide range of books for teen/children of all kinds). If you’re in the far north of California, you can drop donations off at any Siskiyou County Library.

If you’re not in the far North of California, I’ll be accepting book donations at all of my appearances for the rest of the year. Once my schedule clears up, I’ll load up the donations and schlep the books up and drop them off. So, I’m asking my fellow book lovers, whether you’re a writer or reader, please look through your collection of books and consider sending some my way so we can help rebuild a vital resource to any community. People have enough problems getting access to library services these days without terrible acts of nature taking their toll.

Aside from book donations, monetary donations are vital for rebuilding the Weed library. Please make checks payable to:

Weed Library Re-Build c/o Vestal Foundation P.O.Box 117 Yreka, CA 96097

Here are my appearances for the rest of the year. If you’re coming, please consider dropping off a book at my table.:

Convolution: Sept 26,27, and 28 Hanford Renaissance Faire: Oct 4 and 5 Great Western War: Oct 9, 10, 11, and 12 Folsom Renaissance Faire: Oct: 19 and 19 Walk For Literacy: Oct 25 Kearney Park Renaissance Faire Nov 8 & 9

Keep checking in here for updates. I’ll be updating my events, because I’m probably going to add one or two before the end of the year.

Also: Please spread the word. Link them to this page on my site, or you can share this image on Facebook for people to share there. I’ll also load it below so you can share it over your other social media pages.

For every thousand books we get, I’ll post a video of me doing a “book bucket challenge.”


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  1. I’m an independent bookseller in south central CA. I’d love to make a donation of books for the library. Is there somewhere I can ship them to?

    1. Right now, they need money more than books. They don’t have a place to keep the books. Once they have a physical building, I’ll have details for where to send those donations.

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