An Inaugural Poem

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I’ve been waiting over a week to post this.

While attending the recent residency for my MFA program, in the first day of my afternoon class, the teacher assigned us all the task of writing an inaugural poem for Trump, the twist being, we had to do it in the voice of a specific person, and it couldn’t be directly damning. I got Jeb Bush. I looked up some Jeb Bush speeches and got to work. I had a nice little piece done by the end of class. It was so nice that the teacher offered to let me take a stab at another voice. Since I had decided to rise to any challenge, I accepted. The teacher gave me the voice of one of the Mexican rapists or drug dealers Trump mentioned in the speech he gave announcing his candidacy. I dove into that with gusto. When I read it in class the next day, I knew I had to post it, but decided that I would wait until inauguration day.

An Inaugural Poem

Thank you, President Trump, for this great honor.

As a Latino entrepreneur,
I listened,
over and over and over and over again
about how bad things are going to get.

Every time I heard anyone
in my neighborhood say anything bad about
the next four years
I would shake my head.

Because I didn’t understand why
Everyone was so

The next four,
hopefully eight,
are going to be fantastic for entrepreneurs like me.

For businessmen like me,
America will be great,
A true land of opportunity,
A place where a man can get
What he’s willing to work for
If he’s assertive enough
Ambitious enough
Aggressive enough
To drive out the competition
And increase his territory.

Businessmen like me
the true
of the deal.

I make deals all the time,

And with the baron of 5th Ave taking over,
Business is going to get better than ever.

I predict I’m going to be making more
deals than I can handle.
I’ll make so many deals,
I’ll get tired of making deals.
But that’s okay,
I’m training my little brother and cousins
To make deals for me.
Just like the new President
And his family.

Since I’m famous,
just like this man,
I’m famous in my neighborhood,
I’ll grab whatever I want.

Deal and grab,
Grab and deal,

That’s the entrepreneurial spirit that will make America great again.


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