Patreon Update

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I’ve had a Patreon account for the last few years, and I’ve been trying to figure how best to use the platform to engage with the #GallowglasArmy. I think I’ve finally got a handle on it. So, now that I’ve gotten some momentum going with the page, here’s an update on exactly what I’m doing with it.

First, for those unfamiliar with Patreon, it’s an interesting new take on the crowdfunding model of websites such as Kickstarter or Indie-go-go. The twist of Patreon is that, instead of funding a specific project (as is the case with Kickstarter and Indie-go-go), patrons support a content creator, either funding by individual posts or on a monthly basis. In a way, it’s kind of like street performing on the internet. Someone has a creative thing they do, they post that creative thing on Patreon, and their supporters show their support by putting something nice into a virtual hat or basket.

So, how am I using Patreon? I’m posting fiction specific to my Patreon Page. Supporters fund the Patreon through stories and content that’s only available for my patrons to read. I also post chapters of a novel I’m working on, The Slightly Above Average Misadventures of Greenrise and Sunback. I’m writing it in sort of the style of those old Choose Your Own Adventure books.  Right now, I’m envisioning the book as being kind of a cross between Goonies and Fringe. At the end fo each chapter I post, I’m having people vote on where the story goes next, details about characters, and bits of world building. Patrons have access to about twice as many voting options as non-patrons.

Here are some of the things on my Patreon available for everyone:

Whispers of the Monster God of Cursed Atlantis

The Slightly Above Average Misadventures of Greenrise and Sunback

I also have some flash fiction stories up for everyone to read and a few more just for patrons.

Each month, I’ll have some cool bonuses for people who choose to become a patron, above and beyond the rewards for specific levels. Here’s what I’ve got for November:


Getting tuckerized is when an author intentionally uses a specific person’s name and/or likeness as a character in a story. In this case, anyone who is a patron during the month of November 2017 will be tuckerized The Slightly Above Average Misadventures of Greenrise and Sunback.


Last year, in 2016, I wrote a Flash Fiction story every day. I called them Stopwatch Stories. Later this month, I plan on releasing the last few individual volumes of the project, as well as the collected Omnibus. Supporters in November will get the entire Stopwatch Stories collection in electronic format.

Here’s Stopwatch Stories Vol. 1 available for everyone on my Patreon page.


We’re closely creeping up on the first goal post of my Patreon page. That’s $100 per story I post for patrons. Each month, I’ll change the reward. If we reach the goal in November 2017, I will post the series of essays I’ve been working on about life behind the scenes as a street performer. For those of you who are fans of my show, these essays are a peek behind the curtain, a glimpse backstage.

(Updated 11/16/2017)

If we meet this goal by the end of November, I’ll start posting audio recordings of my readings of some of the short stories I post to the Patreon. Fans of my storytelling show will tell you, I spin a pretty good yarn.