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As I’m getting ready to head out to Silicon Valley Comic Con, I’ve been thinking of what kind of rules we’ll have for the #Gallowvant hashtag. For those who don’t know, I borrowed the idea of a traveling hashtag from Mary Robinette-Kowal who uses the hashtag #MaryGoRound when she travels. Her rules are simple. When things go her way, on time, or she has nice surprises, we all have a drink. When things don’t, she has a drink. Well, I didn’t want to do everything exactly like Mary, so I asked for suggestions on social media. Mary herself chimed in with chocolate. Which, I think is a pretty fine idea. But, I’m also a shameless self-promotor, so I have been struggling to figure out how to use #gallowgvant to further the cause of my writing. I have finally put the rules in place.

Every time something goes right for me as I #gallowvant about, you guys get to have chocolate. Whatever you want. I’m not picky.

When something goes wrong for me, you guys buy one of my books. You know… so I can feel better about my career choices. If you happen to be one of my uber fans, the kind that has all of my books already, no worries; you can still play. All you have to do is buy a book for a friend. Or family member. Or co-worker. Or the person in front or behind you in line at Starbucks. You get the idea.

We’re going to start playing today, so go get some chocolate and pick those people you think need some new reading material.