Continuous Book Sale, or, Stuck Between Amazon And Barnes and Noble

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DEAD WEIGHT: The TombsA couple weeks ago, I found out that one of the big ebook retailers dropped the prices on a couple of my books to $.99, being First Chosen and DEAD WEIGHT: the Tombs. As happens in this situation, all the other retailers dropped the price of these to to match. Rather quickly, I managed to get First Chosen back to it’s normal price, but I’m still working on getting “The Tombs” back to normal. Basically, I’m stuck between Amazon saying, “We’ll change it when Barnes and Noble changes it,” and Barnes and Noble saying, “Not until Amazon changes it.”

So basically, I’m stuck with it perpetually on sale. Well, since it looks like it’s going to be a while before I get it back to normal, I might as well get some exposure out of it. So, gab DEAD WEIGHT: The Tombs for $.99 while you can

The Faerie War is over. We aren’t sure if we won.

In the aftermath of the Faerie War, Boy Scout wants nothing more than to numb his mind and escape from the horrors that plague him due to choices he made during the war. However, Boy Scout was no ordinary soldier and played a significant role both leading up to the war and during the conflict. Now, forces from Earth and Faerie, seek to use him again. Will he dance the same old dance from the strings tied to him from both worlds, or will he cut those strings and write a new story?


Winner of The Kindle Hub award for Best Fantasy Series 2014.

Dead Weight KHA

“Blew me away. Gallowglas has unearthed the faerie world and fashioned it into something both completely original and faithfully ancient.” Frances Pauli, The Changeling Race
DEAD WEIGHT: The Tombs is stark, captivating and uncompromising. A masterwork of apocalyptic urban fantasy.” Christopher Kellen, Elements of Sorcery and The Arbiter Codex
DEAD WEIGHT: The Tombs by M. Todd Gallowglas is a fast-paced, non-linear novella that keeps the pages turning. Gallowglas effortlessly intermixes apocalyptic urban fantasy with noir elements and surprisingly believable characters. Can’t wait to see what comes next.” – Jennifer Brozek, The Karen Wilson Chronicles
“I found it the most original fusion of urban fantasy and Gaelic-infused myth that I’ve read in years.” Greg S Close, In Siege of Daylight