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DeadWeight Blog Tour

“The best of fantasy and science fiction is not about escapism, but challenges us to look at ourselves, our society, and reexamine our beliefs. This world and this author do just that, not heavy-handedly, but with elegance – it creeps up on you. I like that.” – From the Introduction by Damon Stone

With DEAD WEIGHT: The Tombs out across all major markets, I’m gearing up for a blog tour. This is my first blog tour. Since pretty much everything about about DEAD WEIGHT is experimental, I figure it’s time for my first real blog tour. I’ve reached out to some of my writer pals and some cool sites to have me stop by. Starting on the 12th and going through to the end of the month, I’ll be posting about DEAD WEIGHT, writing, and just the occasional random stuff. Some of my tour hosts have asked me to touch on specific things, and they’re going to be some pretty cool stuff. However, Some of my hosts have given me free reign to post about whatever I like. If any of you have something they’d like me to talk about, please post your ideas/questions in the comments.

Here’s some of the chatter on Amazon about DEAD WEIGHT: The Tombs:

  • “The story was immediately engrossing, the characters were incredible, and the pacing flawless.”
  • “Gallowglas has always been an excellent storyteller, and is well on his way to becoming a master of his craft.”
  • “This was one of the most original, exciting things I’ve read in some time. The world building is superlative. The action is gripping and the main character manages to be deeply sympathetic despite being presented as deeply flawed.”

Here’s where you can get DEAD WEIGHT:
Amazon US – Amazon UK – Amazon CA – Amazon AU
Barnes and Noble – Kobo – iTunes

Book Blogger Reviews:

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Fatima Alici
North of Andover
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Tour Schedule:

FEB, 12 – Genre Underground – Kick off and why DEAD WEIGHT is a serial.
FEB, 13 – Patrick Tomlinson – How I got into self-publishing and why every book is like my first.
FEB, 14 – G33K HQ – An interview.
FEB, 15 – Richard Lee Byers – Philosophies on writing a genre piece for all readers, not just genre readers. Part #1.
FEB, 16 – Matt Nastos – On writing what I write because “it’s cool, I love it, and I want to.”
FEB, 17 – Geek Girl in Love – Why DEAD WEIGHT breaks the current trend of magic fantasy fiction.
FEB, 18 – Imagination Unplugged – On the power of writing prompts.
FEB, 19 – Kat Richardson – The “sound” of DEAD WEIGHT.
FEB, 20 – Realm Tramper – Part of a brochure on why you should take a tour after the Faerie War.
FEB, 21 – DEAD WEIGHT: Paladin teaser
FEB, 23 – “Ask An Author” on Facebook.
FEB, 24 – Jennifer Brozek – Shedding some light on how I feel about stories.
MARCH, 1 – Katana Pen – Touching on some of the Military aspects of the
MARCH, 1 – Fatma Alici – Answering a few questions on choices I made in DEAD WEIGHT.

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