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Welcome to “Tell a Friend About Tears of Rage” day! Four great epic fantasy books, 400,000 words of fiction, for about the same prices as a specialty drink at Starbucks. The first book in the Tears of Rage sequence opens with the Blind Prophet, declaring the main character, Julianna, “..will be blessed thrice by seven, seven by thrice.” […]

Convolution Schedule

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Greetings all! Coming up on the second time around for one of my favorite conventions: Con-volution. Last year it was ROCKING – the best first year con I’ve ever been too! This year does not appear to disappoint.  They’ve got a great line-up of guests and speakers, and yours truly will be presiding as toastmaster […]

October Updates

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So last week I was lurking around on my various social media outlets, and as I frequently do, I followed this link that looked kind of interesting. I do this mostly with stuff about publishing or social media, just so I can snicker at someone’s pathetic attempts to get suckers to give them money. This […]

Daily Rant – Spoilers…or…Aren’t You Special That You Got To See That Midnight Showing

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Last night Star Trek: Into Darkness played for the first time in public theaters for the general public. One of the big questions is: Who exactly is Benedict Cumberbatch playing in the movie. I’ve enjoyed speculating along with many of my friends, but I have been avoiding anything that remotely resembles a potential spoiler from mass-market media. […]

Tell A Story Chain part 19

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Well, it’s back to me again. This thing has gone in places I never expected. To see my post that started this strange and awesome journey, go here.  To see a complete list of the participants and their posts in the story, go here. Now, for my next entry: *** “Get back you idiots!” the […]