An Inaugural Poem

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I’ve been waiting over a week to post this. While attending the recent residency for my MFA program, in the first day of my afternoon class, the teacher assigned us all the task of writing an inaugural poem for Trump, the twist being, we had to do it in the voice of a specific person, […]

2017 Do Better

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I was getting ready to do a recap post about 2016 and maybe post about some New Year’s resolutions, but I’m really not into either. Despite having a couple of cool moments, 2016 was kind of a crap fest. I have no interest in revisiting it in. I never keep my New Year’s resolutions, so […]

Obligatory “I’m Thankful For” Post

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I’m sitting at my desk late on Thanksgiving evening, fiddling around with some writing, and it just dawned on me that I’m coming up on the fourth anniversary of my first sale of fiction. I just spent some time looking for the actual chat conversation, but couldn’t manage to locate it. Long ans short, a […]

13 Years of Support

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Lots of people give out lots of advice about how to be a successful writer. You’ve got the “write a lot, read a lot,” crowd. You’ve got the, “write everyday,” crowd, and a whole slew of others. One thing I don’t see a lot of people talking about is support of someone who believes in […]