On Speaking Out

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Up to now, the “From the Front Lines” section of the blog has been a report about the various events I’ve been to and an update on goings on. It will usually still be about that; however, sometimes I’m going to use this as an update on where my head is, my thoughts and musings […]

Life, the Universe, and ConFusion

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This past weekend, I made the trek out to Detroit, MI to attend Confusion, a literary/fannish science fiction convention. This year’s theme: Life, the Universe, and Confusion, because Confusion celebrated its 42nd annual gathering to celebrate all things nerdy. The last several years, I’ve heard such great things about this convention and thanks to the […]

General updates 1/11/16

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Thus far 2016 is off to a pretty decent start. Here’s what’s going on with the #GallowglasArmy and my quest to be “The hardest working man in indie fantasy.” SPELLPUNK: I’m finally getting my first novel into shape where I feel like sharing it with the rest of the world. I’m posting new chapters on […]

Heading into 2016

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I didn’t do a 2015 wrap up, because on the whole, 2015 was not a stellar year for me. Yeah, it had some high points, really nice high points, but on the whole, not so much… Rather than look back, I’m going to focus on making 2016 a better year. This is the year I’m […]

SDCC Hit and Run Interviews

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Yeah this post is a little late, as SDCC happened almost a month ago, but we’ve been juggling a bunch of different things. I’ve got the family. My video guy has one of those pesky day job things. On a whim, we decided to start interviewing interesting people we ran into. My buddy Cody did […]

San Diego Comic Con Epic Post

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Warning: This is a long one. Warning 2: I am going to name drop like a boss. Warning 3: This is probably going to be as disjointed and non-linear as Dead Weight. I hadn’t planned on going to Comic Con International, commonly known as San Diego Comic Con or just Comic Con, this year. (For brevity […]

Wizard World Sacramento

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This last weekend I had a table at Wizard World Sacramento. The #GallowglasArmy certainly represented! Lots of familiar faces came by, and we made a ton of new friends. I am blessed to have some of the greatest fans in all of geekdom. As always at Comic Cons I took a punch of pictures of cos-players […]

Valhalla Renaissance Faire

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a “From the Front Lines” post. It’s been a rough year so far. I won’t go into the specific details, but so far, with a few exceptions, 2015 has not been all I hoped it would be. Not so much with Valhalla. Valhalla racked. My new story, “How […]