Halloween Jack and the Devil's Gate

Halloween Jack and the Devil’s Gate

“Halloween Jack and the Devil’s Gate was a fantastic read! I picked the book up and couldn’t put it down till I reached the end.” Amazon Review

After centuries of scheming and plotting, the Devil and his minions finally get the better of Jack o’ the Lantern, that mythic figure who created the Jack o’Lanterns which keep humanity safe on All Hallow’s Eve, the Darkest Night.

With the dark creatures free to roam as they wish, Jack’s last three descendants, Boston born Irishman John O’Brien, Moira O’Neil who knows the special ritual to close the Devil’s Gate, and Daniel McRory the inventor must take up the mantle of Jack of the Lantern and create a new legend great enough, and terrible enough, to scare the Dark Lord and his dark legions back into their dark realm.

This time, the room beyond was dark. The only light was moonlight from the room’s single window and the faint glow of candlelight flickering a few feet back from the doorway. The candles flickered behind the face of the jack o’ lantern that John had found. John held the lantern in his left hand and his stick in his right. He stepped into the room. His stick was now etched with silver and iron crosses. His coat had changed, becoming nearly a twin of her coat, except where hers was plain brown wool, John’s coat was black wool striped with orange…was that silk? While he hadn’t changed in size, he seemed bigger than he had before. No…bigger was the wrong word. He looked like Jack of the Lantern had. A legend made flesh. His smirk had changed. While still containing a bit of its original mischievousness, now it also held more than a hint of malicious humor.

They stayed there a few moments, looking at each other, Moira taking in the sight of her changed cousin, and she supposed John was getting used to what had changed within him.

Father McDermott came back in and stopped short. He blinked a few times at the sight of John, then looked around.

“Where’s Saint Peter?” Father McDermott asked.

“Gone. He’s done what he can. Now the rest is up to us.”

“Well then, John,” Father McDermott said, “what’s with this outfit?”

“I’m not John anymore. The name’s Jack.”

“Of course,” Moira said. “You took up the mantle of Jack of the Lantern.”

“Oh no. Jack of the Lantern is still trapped in the Dark One’s keeping. I couldn’t do what needs doing if I called myself Jack of the Lantern. The demons aren’t terrified of him anymore. They might be nervous, but they’ve learned they can beat him. No. I’m someone new, someone they will learn to fear far more than nice, gentle, and reasonable Jack of the Lantern.

He paused, and his smile grew from a smirk to wide, frightening grin.

“My name is Halloween Jack. Let’s go scare some demons.”