Halloween Jack and the Curse of Frost

Halloween Jack and the Curse of Frost

“Curse of Frost is easily as much fun as the original.” Chrstopher Kellen

Seven years after defeating the Devil and his minions with their steam-powered automatons, the Devil strikes again. Once again, the darkest and vilest creature in all creation seeks to open the Devil’s Gate once and for all, allowing for all the legions of the dark realm free to roam any night of the year they wish.

What is the Curse of Frost, and what does it have to do with the family line of Jack of the Lantern. Halloween Jack and his cousins must learn what this means and how to stop the Devil before the sun sets on Christmas Eve, or mankind may lose just enough hope to give the Dark One enough power to escape his Dark Realm forever.

It started with a glance, as tales of true love often do.

This glance happened to be in the reflection of a glass window in the chill of a winter morning. A young lady wrapped in layers of wool and fur was busy scraping his artwork, his masterpiece – as each work was a masterpiece – from a window so her mother could view the rising sun as she made porridge that morning.

Being a bit behind this morning, he saw the young lady destroying his work on the window. He was not overly attached to his works – each one was a transitory thing by nature: the sun always came, and his work always died.

He was, however, overly attached to mischief.

Flittering on the winter wind, he snuck up behind the young lady and blew on the window after she wiped the frost from the glass. He bit his lip to stifle his snickering and waited for the gasp of surprise that usually came when he did this. The young lady didn’t gasp. She just wiped the new frost away from the window. It happened so fast that he didn’t have time to hide himself as his kind usually did in the presence of mortals.

She stared at his eyes from the reflection in the glass. He wanted to run, to hide, knew he should, but could not. Her eyes seemed to trap him, hold him, and keep him from wanting anything other than to look into her eyes forever.

And so he made a choice, and they were happy for a time. However, as it is with the tales of love between the human world and the hidden world of secret things, it could not last.

He was forced to make another choice, a tragic choice.

Now, he’s lost himself in his art. And, in those few times he indulges in his mischief, it has become cruel and painful. This is exactly how the Dark One, sitting on his dark throne deep in the bowels of his dark realm, wants it. For the Devil and his kin, cunning and crafty one and all, have not forgotten the secret pacts and have had nothing but time to plot and scheme on how they can exploit those ancient pacts to exact their revenge.