In Defense of Shameless Self Promotion

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I have recently had an epiphany. It’s fairly common knowledge that, along with being an author, I perform a storytelling show at Renaissance faires and other such events. It’s been a rough year for me performing the show. I’ve had to deal with snow, jugglers setting up an unscheduled show right next to my stage […]

Patreon Update

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I’ve had a Patreon account for the last few years, and I’ve been trying to figure how best to use the platform to engage with the #GallowglasArmy. I think I’ve finally got a handle on it. So, now that I’ve gotten some momentum going with the page, here’s an update on exactly what I’m doing […]


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As I’m getting ready to head out to Silicon Valley Comic Con, I’ve been thinking of what kind of rules we’ll have for the #Gallowvant hashtag. For those who don’t know, I borrowed the idea of a traveling hashtag from Mary Robinette-Kowal who uses the hashtag #MaryGoRound when she travels. Her rules are simple. When […]

On Speaking Out

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Up to now, the “From the Front Lines” section of the blog has been a report about the various events I’ve been to and an update on goings on. It will usually still be about that; however, sometimes I’m going to use this as an update on where my head is, my thoughts and musings […]

An Inaugural Poem

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I’ve been waiting over a week to post this. While attending the recent residency for my MFA program, in the first day of my afternoon class, the teacher assigned us all the task of writing an inaugural poem for Trump, the twist being, we had to do it in the voice of a specific person, […]

2017 Do Better

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I was getting ready to do a recap post about 2016 and maybe post about some New Year’s resolutions, but I’m really not into either. Despite having a couple of cool moments, 2016 was kind of a crap fest. I have no interest in revisiting it in. I never keep my New Year’s resolutions, so […]